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Well, that's my personal online Diary. I will take me the time, for my Fans, to tell you what I've done. Renesmee will help me sometimes or Bella, i'm often busy ;]
your Edward Cullen

Renesmee learns.

09.03 - She can run, so fast like her Dad do.
17.03 - Nessy is so beautiful like her Mum always is.

My Love.

Isabella Cullen, the love of my life, my existence. I Love you more than words can say, you complete me. You are my life now and forever



My Love, my life, my Heart. Since i met you, i can't leave my mind away from you. You complete my life, you're my medicine, which keep me alive. You are my life now and forever. Maybe your Heart is death now, but i still feel your love. And you're right, your soul isn't gone, she's still in you. The beginning of our relationship, was hard but wonderful. I thought i would bring you in danger, so i left. It's still hard to talk about that what iv'e done and i'm stil sorry for this. Than we make plans, big plans. For you the biggest choice in your hole life, for me the reason to life forever. When we married i was quite unsure, did you do that because you want to be a vampire or why you love me, really. But these thoughts were superfluous. You Love me, i now know that - thank you. In our Honeymoon, you got pregnant. I was shocked and proud at the same time. I thought i would loose you and this break my heart more and more. When Renesmee was born, you changed. I inject my Poison into you, you get into a vampire. You're exactly the same. Renesmee and you, you're the best what happened to me. You both reach my life, you complete it. My Bella? I will love you forever, I'm yours.
Your Loving Husband, Edward Cullen