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Well, that's my personal online Diary. I will take me the time, for my Fans, to tell you what I've done. Renesmee will help me sometimes or Bella, i'm often busy ;]
your Edward Cullen

Renesmee learns.

09.03 - She can run, so fast like her Dad do.
17.03 - Nessy is so beautiful like her Mum always is.

My Love.

Isabella Cullen, the love of my life, my existence. I Love you more than words can say, you complete me. You are my life now and forever



My own, my little Princess. At the beginning of your existence, everything was quite hard for me and of course for your Mom. When you was born, you change so fast, but i can imagine every second. With every new day you grow up a little bit more, but at the inside you're the same. You have the most beautiful eyes, like your Mom, when she was a human. Today you speak perfectly and you're so tall like a 7 year-old girl, but you're just 3. You're so unique and beautiful like your Mom. I love evertyhing you do, even if you marry Jake one day. You and your Mom, you are my everything and my life. I love you, Renesmee.
Your Daddy, Edward

Alice, oh Alice. My littler sister, the forseer. You are the best little sister, who everyone wich. I love you, as a sister. You're so pretty and so fun to be with. I love it when you around me and smile the hole time, when you in the near you can't be sad (maybe it's because of Jasper). I will protect you every time and i let nothing up to you because you're better than everyone. You're crazy but still good, you're atticted in Shopping but you're still there when I need you. Thank you, for everything you've done to me. You help me when i was sad, gave me my smile back in my face. I want to say thank you, i hope no one will seperate us, my favourite sister.
Your Brother, Edward.

Rose, what can i say? We ignore us, the last 80 Years of my exist as a Vampire. When Bella came in my life, we still hate us. But then Renesmee was on the way, you change. At first i don't understand why you're suddenly were there. I still thought you hate Bella, but the time change the opposite. You help Bella in the very bad times and don't move from her site. I know she loves you and i still like you, sister. I've never hate you, but we're to different to love us. Even if we were destined for each other, we can't love us like this. You found Emmet and i found my Bella, we're both happy, so we can act like Brother and Sister do.
Love, Edward.