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Well, that's my personal online Diary. I will take me the time, for my Fans, to tell you what I've done. Renesmee will help me sometimes or Bella, i'm often busy ;]
your Edward Cullen

Renesmee learns.

09.03 - She can run, so fast like her Dad do.
17.03 - Nessy is so beautiful like her Mum always is.

My Love.

Isabella Cullen, the love of my life, my existence. I Love you more than words can say, you complete me. You are my life now and forever


New Plans.

Edward is outside looking for some Bears with Emmet and Jasper. Rose was with Renesmee, they both are in the Garage, reparing Rose red BMW. Renesmee has a big talent to repair cars, Rose says Nessie does more than she fixes. Jacob and I were at my Dad's House. Charlie changed a lot in the last 3 Years. At first he was shocked to see me at the beginning, but now he feels much comfortable. Now Charlie has a new girlfriend, Jenny. She is so nice and a beautiful person. Thanks to her, now Charlie get a healthy meal every day. He lost over 20 Pounds in the last couple of months. 2 Months ago, Jenny moved into our House. Charlie says he feels so lonely in his big little house so he asked her and she sayd yes. I'm very happy about this, now Charlie isn't alone anymore. I asked them for a marriage, Charlie laughed. He says, that they only a few months together, so they want to wait a long time. Of course Jenny love Renesmee, like every other. I asked Charlie to watch out for Nessie this weekend, his eyes sparkle. So i think that was a big yes. Edward and I want to have this weekend alone for us, because we want to talk about some things, how Nessies life will go on. Kindergarden oder School? We don't know other who live the same life like Nessie do, the risks when Nessie is with other Kids. Nessie don't know other, she only plays with Jake or someone of the Cullens. Also Edward and I want to look for a new House here in Forks. That House what Esme gave us, is to small right now. Bigger Renesmee and thanks to Alice, more and more clothes.

xoxo Bella
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