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Well, that's my personal online Diary. I will take me the time, for my Fans, to tell you what I've done. Renesmee will help me sometimes or Bella, i'm often busy ;]
your Edward Cullen

Renesmee learns.

09.03 - She can run, so fast like her Dad do.
17.03 - Nessy is so beautiful like her Mum always is.

My Love.

Isabella Cullen, the love of my life, my existence. I Love you more than words can say, you complete me. You are my life now and forever



Today it was a quite boring day. The sun was shining the hole day, so we can't go out. I was playing Piano for a few hours and write a new Lullaby for Renesmee. Bella and her was playing the hole time and learn of course. Renesmee can speak perfect sentences and can walk a long line. She is learning so fast and grow every day a little bit more but now slower than on the beginning of her life. We all sit at home watch how the sun is shining on the Heaven. I hate this days.

Well, now Jake is here and watch out for Renesmee, go out for an hour with her and bring her sleep. So Bella and I can talk a little bit and have some time alone for us.

Love, Edward.
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